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Commercial construction is a key driver of economic growth, creating jobs and shaping urban environments. In particular, it provides essential spaces for businesses, contributing to a thriving economy.


Beyond its economic impact, well-designed commercial buildings enhance a community’s infrastructure. The value of commercial construction extends beyond structures. For instance, they play a crucial role in economic vitality, community development, and societal progress.

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Pre-construction is the planning and preparation phase before actual construction, involving activities like feasibility studies and design development.

New construction involves building entirely new structures or facilities from the ground up, including design and excavation.

Demolition is the systematic dismantling or destruction of structures, typically to make way for new construction or redevelopment.

Renovation is the process of enhancing existing structures through repairs, remodeling, and aesthetic improvements to boost functionality or modernization.

Site selection is the careful process of choosing an optimal location for a project based on geographical, environmental, and economic factors.

Design/build is a construction delivery method where a single entity handles both design and construction for improved efficiency and communication.

A COU is a document issued by local authorities to verify a property’s compliance with zoning regulations and building codes to permit its intended use.

Tenant improvement is the modification of a leased commercial space by the landlord or tenant to meet specific business needs or preferences.

Construction management entails planning, coordinating, and supervising a project, ensuring successful and efficient completion.

Owner’s representation appoints a third party to represent the project owner, ensuring adherence to quality, budget, and schedule objectives in construction.

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