Certificate of Use

The certificate of use in commercial construction serves as both a regulatory requirement and a critical service, ensuring compliance with codes and signaling the quality of the project. It provides assurance to stakeholders, streamlines the transition to occupancy, and enhances trust in the construction process, contributing to the success of commercial endeavors.

What’s The Process?

Gold Standard will navigate the process of obtaining a certificate of use in commercial construction efficiently and ensure that your project meets all regulatory requirements for occupancy and use. How do we make it happen?


Compliance Check

Review zoning and building codes, ensure compliance, and obtain necessary permits.



Build according to approved plans, with regular inspections to verify compliance.


Final Inspection

Request and pass a final inspection to assess compliance with codes.

The bones of a new building just starting to be built.


Submit Documentation

Apply for the certificate of use with all required documentation and fees.

A construction manager and a construction worker pointing towards a building.


Review & Approval

The building department reviews the application and approves issuance if compliant.


Certificate Issuance

Once approved, the certificate is issued, signifying legal occupancy.

The bones of a new building just starting to be built.


Display & Maintain

Display the certificate prominently and adhere to any renewal requirements.

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