Owner’s Representation

Owner’s representation in commercial construction is essential, providing a dedicated advocate and advisor for the project owner. They ensure the project stays on track, aligns with the owner’s vision, and resolves conflicts efficiently, ultimately safeguarding the owner’s interests and maximizing project success.

What’s The Process?

By following these steps, owner’s representation can effectively advocate for the owner’s interests, ensure project success, and mitigate risks throughout the commercial construction process.


Initial Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive review of the owner's goals, project scope, and budget constraints to establish clear objectives and expectations.


Team Selection & Contract Negotiation

Assist the owner in selecting an architect, contractor, and other key team members, negotiating contracts to ensure alignment with project goals and favorable terms.

Two construction workers designing the interior space of their latest project.


Project Oversight & Communication

Provide continuous oversight of the construction process, monitoring progress, quality, and budget adherence while serving as the primary point of contact between the owner and the project team.


Risk Management & Issue Resolution

Identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them, proactively addressing any issues that arise to minimize disruptions and ensure project continuity.


Final Evaluation & Closeout

Coordinate final inspections, approvals, and documentation required for project closeout, ensuring that all contractual obligations are fulfilled, and the owner's objectives are met before project completion.

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