Interior Space Planning

Consulting on interior space planning can be an exciting endeavor, whether you’re looking to refresh a residential space or optimize a commercial environment. The key is to align aesthetic preferences with functional needs, ensuring that the space not only looks good but also works effectively for its intended purpose.

Large and beautiful interior space planned by a construction company.

What’s The Process?

Consulting for interior space planning involves a detailed, client-focused approach to ensure that a space is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meets the specific needs of its users. Interior space planning includes an in-depth analysis of the client’s lifestyle, preferences, and objectives, along with a careful assessment of the existing space. By integrating principles of design and ergonomics, interior space planning consultants create tailored solutions that enhance the usability and visual appeal of the area. Here’s a streamlined five-step process:

Five employees of a construction company gathered around a table planning a construction project.


Initial Consultation

This includes discussing the budget, timeline, and any specific challenges the space may present. Gathering as much information as possible during this initial phase is crucial for laying a solid foundation for the project.

Tractors lines up on an empty lot preparing for a new design/build construction project.


Site Analysis & measurement

Conduct a thorough site visit to assess the space and its potential. Take precise measurements of the area, and note any existing elements that need to be incorporated or worked around.


Concept Development & Space Planning

Develop a conceptual design that aligns with the client’s goals and the functional requirements of the space.

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Detailed Design & Presentation

Refine the chosen concept into a detailed design. Prepare detailed drawings, renderings, and material specifications to present to the client. This presentation should clearly communicate the design intent and include samples of proposed materials.

Two construction workers designing the interior space of their latest project.


Implementation & Project Management

Oversee the implementation of the design. This involves coordinating with contractors, suppliers, and other professionals to ensure that the work is carried out to specification and within the agreed timelines and budget.

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