Industrial Design / Build

Industrial design-build is a project delivery method where both the design and construction phases are managed by a single entity. In this approach, the responsibility for both the design and construction aspects of the project rests with a single team, providing several advantages over traditional project delivery methods like design-bid-build. This integrated method enhances communication, reduces project timelines, minimizes costs, and improves overall project quality, resulting in a more efficient and cohesive process that meets client needs and expectations effectively.

Large industrial space built using the design/build method.

What’s The Process?

The industrial design-build process combines the design and construction phases into a unified workflow. Throughout the entire design-build process, open communication, collaboration, and proactive problem-solving are essential to ensure the successful delivery of the industrial facility while meeting the client’s objectives and expectations

Tractors lines up on an empty lot preparing for a new design/build construction project.


Project Initiation

We begin by defining the goals and objectives to understand the purpose of the industrial space, which could include increasing production capacity, improving workflow efficiency, or modernizing the facility.


Design Coordination

Collaborating with architects and engineers to craft a plan.


Construction & Fabrication

Construct the industrial facility according to the engineering design and specifications, which could involve assembling pre-fabricated components, custom fabrication, and installation of equipment.

Man inspecting an industrial site for a construction company.


Testing & Commissioning

est and commission all equipment and systems installed in the industrial facility, including mechanical, electrical, and automation systems.


Handover & Post-Construction Support

Hand over the completed industrial facility to the client or end-user and provide training and documentation as needed to facilitate smooth operation and maintenance.

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